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Long time no see. I'm back.

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    Well done, Max ! It's the "high" that can keep you coming back. And it's most likely best you had a limited time. Too much too soon is NOT a good thing !

    But I do hope you mean to not let the quantity get in the way of doing . When it comes to form, quality counts every single rep .


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      It's two days of DOMS later, my quads have been insanely sore. So, definitely allowing adequate recovery.

      And yeah, the mental presence to maintain form on something dynamic, like KB Swing, takes a level of focus that is both a struggle for me and a pleasure to do. You forget the small stuff that makes you enjoy the process. That form... yep. I did the work in a room with mirrors, so could check form.

      Will do this program 2-3 times next week, with bike in between and maybe a day off. Then, building the program out a bit, to be something like:
      KB Swing as a squat alternate
      Deadlift as a deadlift
      Step ups as a lunge
      Something as a press
      Something as a pull/row
      Something as a twist, maybe using the cable station. There's a guy who hogs the cable station in a pretty empty gym. I think he might be rehabbing a shoulder, because it's very short movements at what I would consider moderate reps.

      Reading my journal, I've worked around folks who hog gear before. Smith machine guy actually helped me get over my fear of barbells. So, maybe this guy can help me by being a hog.


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        Recovery is a wonderful thing after hard work, Max . Well done on checking the mirrors! Looks like you're really getting back into the "swing" of things . I am sure you will keep learning and growing in your routine, with or without the help of machine hogs .


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          Have been bad about the gym. But walking and stair climbing with regularity, so that's good. Hurt my back, but back in the swing, more or less.

          Have been eagerly awaiting the release of Dr. Mike's presentation at Low Carb Breckenridge 2018. Dr. Bikman's presentation was really discussion worthy for the non-Protein Powered, as I notice a lot of my new keto friends are kind of afraid of protein and gluconeogenesis, while this was more of a feature of PP. And yet, everyone's eating roughly the same protein target... I don't understand. Any rate, got an email from Dr. Mike about a forthcoming book being delayed due to wildfires, mudslides and all that.

          Taking a page from here (literally), I've been giving myself a monthly challenge (based on the old monthly challenges we used to do here). This month's has been learning, so I've set a target of conference presentations to watch for the month. 55 is the goal. I'm at 28 so far. There is so much more research going on in LC now, and globally, and it's exciting to see how much the modern pioneers like the Eades and Dr. Atkins actually got right. And all the amazing things people are doing with it, from running ultramarathons to fixing T2DM and more.

          I'm down 31 now... it's really not slowing any. It's 8 lbs in the last 30 days. I have a follow up with my doc on May 11th. I'm probably going to sat fat load for a few days before the test, though I'm curious to see, as I'm down 10 lbs from my last appointment and have another month to go.

          My psychiatrist is amazing. Working very nicely on my ADD med, and talked to him about doing some work on my food anxiety. In the time since I've been here the first go around, I have unpacked my anxiety quite a bit, but I feel like, in a couple months, I can have my stuff together enough to take the time and work through my issues. Any rate, baited breath for Protein Power 2.0 and a new influx of PP adherents.


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            Hi, Max! Sorry about your back. Thanks for the update. It sounds very positive! Walking and stair climbing is an excellent low key exercise! I'm eager for more news from Dr. Eades, too. We could sure use a little more activity around here, right? Seriously, it's nice to hear from you!


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              Can't believe it's been this long this I've been here. Just got back going on PP again after going off the reservation for a bunch of years. Unfortunately I've gone back to original weight of 222, so it's like starting over. Just got tired of being tired and overweight. I think this time I'll really stick to the plan. I've always gone back to it since the 1990's.

              You're right not much activity anymore. I heard about maybe a new book from the Drs. That would be great. I'm trying to find some of the old audio books to listen to. That seemed to help me out to listen to them in my truck during the day.



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                Hi, Brian! Welcome back! You can get the old weight off again, doing what the plan suggests. We all know the problems come when we pick up the habits that got us here in the first place, whether comfort food or just not following the program as we were taught! Luckily, you have a new mindset now.


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                  Welcome back, Brian!

                  "We all know the problems come when we pick up the habits that got us here in the first place, whether comfort food or just not following the program as we were taught!"
                  Carol said it perfectly !


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                    Just checking back in. Nice to have another person around, Brian.

                    I'm down 39 now, since January. 266.5/227.5/200?

                    I really haven't set the bottom, as it's gonna be more body composition than scale number, but I'm getting closer to that.

                    Some things on tap for this month: Moar Sun and Back to the Gym. Want to do 4-5 days a week, with a mix of KB Swings (high rep single set) and Darryl Edwards' Animal Moves for the days I'm not swinging. If you're not familiar with Darryl, he's amazing.



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                      Congrats on the 39 down, Max ! Looks like a great lineup for moving it !


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                        Hi, Max! Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're on a good track. Wishing you well!


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                          It's officially 40 today. Maybe 40.5, but I'm being conservative.

                          Today is day one of three on the Feldman protocol. I don't think I could possibly eat 5000 calories of keto food (No Idea how Sam Felton accomplished it... I'm vaguely nauseated at the prospect.
                          Made a sous vide egg bite, 100% heavy cream for brekky, with bacon on the top. I think I much prefer my original recipe of 50% HWC and 50% goat cheese. I think I will bring some cheese tomorrow for a topper... something with some tang. Maybe some tomatoes... found the greatest tomatoes at the supermarket... San Minzanos... they're small versions of Italian San Marzanos... so good. Any rate, have some sopressata and some pork belly to go the rest of the work day. Significant caloric increase over my usual day. Through lunch, will be at 2035, whereas my usual day is down in 1500-2000 land... Dinner will likely be a ribeye cap steak with butter, and maybe a double serving of my "ice cream thing" (frozen berries + heavy cream + shaved dark chocolate + a partial packet of sweetener - blend until ice cream like) or maybe a couple ounces of gouda... I'm shaking my head reading... It's only three days, and only to make my doctor's jaw drop at my lipid profile so she gets off my case.


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                            Well, good luck, Max! It does sound like a lot, but short term. I hope it does the trick for you.


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                              Kind of did it wrong, so didnít get the huge drop. But itís consistent improvement and I have the option of a second attempt in three months. Iím pretty sure I was eating too much protein to get the full calories in, and get the ďketoĒ ratio. Next time, itís gonna be an EGGstravganza. Three days of maximum eggs and pork belly.


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                                Keep trying, Max. I firmly believe in being my own science experiment! (I've probably said that before.)