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Long time no see. I'm back.

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    Yeah, it's a turning world and always more complicated.

    The duck was amazing, though the service was awful. They do plain roast ducks there, and pork as well, and I think it might make a workable takeout at some point. The Beijing duck that we had is likely coated with Maltose syrup to improve the skin texture, so probably not so workable.

    Saturday night we found out that the Travel and Adventure show was ongoing out at the suburban convention center. So, we went on Sunday. Fun thing I found in my history was the run up to Italy and France trips. The joy I took in planning those. Saw Pauline Frommer give a great presentation about travel, and she said that a study by their company showed that people enjoy the planning, when it's the fantasy stage way more than actually going on the trip or coming back from the trip. Let's just say, I'm gonna have a lot of enjoyment, as I have five to seven trips that I think I'd like to do at some point, just based on the convention. I've already started planning a trip to Colombia... can get there from Chicago for $400 round trip with a stop in Panama City. Was recommended by both Frommer and a curious man who offers a trip that's a lot like the Amazing Race, where you and a companion are going for 2 weeks and gonna hit 12 countries, find clues, and navigate without a guide to get to the next destination. Bit beyond me and the wife, but he was the most interesting vendor there, by a fairly wide margin. At any rate, it's amazing the things I'm remembering from that time when I was a very active member here. That joy of travel planning... back in it.

    Any rate, they dumped the remainder of the sauce on the duck that we didn't eat, but it seemed to pool in the corner, so when I ate the leftovers last night, I was probably a bit high, but had a VLCHF meal for breakfast and a ZC snack, so back in the flow today. I think I'm coming down with something (possible downside to spending 5 hours in an enclosed space with 1500 people), but LCHF on.

    I have settled on this nickname my wife came up with for me, LeCheffre, after making me up as a version of LeChiffre from Casino Royal. It just dawned on me. LeCHeFfre... Low Carb High Fat. It's right there in the name.

    In a complicated world, maybe our solution is to be simpler? Maybe that's why the popularity of Marie Kondo.

    Take a bit of time, and relax with Oscar Peterson:


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      Still hanging around. Man did I write a lot.

      Went to the costco today, PISMO purchase, along with Marconas. Back to that. Itís nice to have an effective roadmap to work from.


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        Knowing where you're going does help to make it a more focused journey .


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          Wife said that my belly looks smaller. I'll take it.


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            Indeed !!! Yay for you, Max !


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              How are both of you doing? Still protein powered or sth in the LCHF milieu?


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                Max, I have been LCHF for years now. It's the best diet for my diabetes, too. My doctor is very pleased. I can overdo the meat or fruit at times, so I have to watch it. I'm very comfortable with my way of eating.


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                  That's great. Psyched for you. My glucose was a bit high back in december, but then I got my HbA1C into the normal range by January test, so dodging diabetes so far. Got my ADD medication about to start up again, got the script, but my insurance needs to get together with my doc and comply with something or another. I dislike that my med is lumped with cocaine and oxycontin, but that's the world we've lived in for years.


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                    Wow, so have read up to 8/14/2008, which is nearing the end, and filled with a lot more nonsense than content. For shame.

                    I'm sorry for recommending Dreamfields. I never had a problem with it, so bought their claims. The testing is clear now, and their claims were magical thinking. On the upside, I think I could maintain weightloss at 100g of carbs a day with adequate protein, based on my DF consumption, but who knows if my metabolism is still in that shape.

                    I think I'm sorry for some of the confrontations I had with people. I think I'm a lot more emotionally intelligent now, and not quite the gamesman I was then.

                    I see where it fell apart. Thyroid-ADD-anger. I am not a furious person who throws things or needs to go kick garbage cans (that's my wife). But I do dumb things when I get frustrated. I see it from here, so it's a thing to work on. I quit my first Chicago doctor after two visits, because I had to wait a long time for the second visit and she took my negative mood as a hint that I was bipolar. She also wouldn't treat or refer for my ADD meds, and wouldn't start me at the dose of Thyroid I had been on in DC. I'm better adjusted with a well regulated thyroid. I see it in my postings. And with ADD meds. I've fired two folks for that over things that probably weren't their faults. I also violated some principle. Tennis. I was gonna give it 30 days. I signed up for a year. They switched instructors on me in the second month, and I disliked the new instructor. Farewell to $1100.

                    I see some great things. If I am bipolar, I maintained the manic phase for nearly 10 months. that seems unlikely, so it's probably the result of the ecology solution of diet, exercise, planning, thyroid, add, forum, logging and accountability. That solution will probably not look the same now as it did then. I'm older, I'm different. Hopefully wiser. When I met my new ADD doctor, I mentioned my angry quit problem, and pointed that I didn't want to do that anymore.

                    I am very thankful to you guys gitfiddle and Shadow as well as Drs. Mike and Mary Dan for keeping this up. My posting here is like a customized healthy lifestyle book. I really appreciate that it's still a thing.

                    Does anyone have a good way to download forum posts offline?

                    And BURMA SHAVE!
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                      Max, we all have said things we'd like to take back, I'm sure. I'm happy just to have some traffic once in a while!

                      I can't help you with the download question, sorry!


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                        Max - Making mistakes is part of growing and maturing . Believe me - we've all been there and I don't know anyone who doesn't have regrets of one extent or another . As Carol said - we're just glad to have a live one posting again !

                        Sorry I can't help you with the download either .


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                          Apparently there are software tools to download threads. And there are tools to download the entire ball of wax. Nothing I could use on my work computer, but I do have a home computer.

                          But it might make sense for me to do it old school and copy paste the useful stuff... there's an awful lot of filler (guilty... sorry... not the worst offender... not an excuse).

                          At any rate, as we used to say 266.5/244/200?

                          Are either of you in touch with the Eades? Dr. Mike's last blog post mentioned writing PP 2.0, which would probably drive some traffic. But that's nearly a year ago.


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                            Max - I don't follow the blog . I know Carol has mentioned a new book but that's all I know about it. It seems in the last book there was a lot of confusion over certain parts of it so maybe they're going more slowly this time to try to prevent that happening again.


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                              I have no new information.


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                                Got back into the gym for real today... Kettlebell deadlifts and Kettlebell swings. And man am I sore.

                                I'm very proud of myself because I got to work and felt like it was too late to go to the gym and get my workday started, and I had a conversation with myself that went like this:
                                Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
                                But I don't think I can be good.
                                Don't let the quality get in the way of doing.
                                But daylight savings and work...

                                And down to the gym I went, did two new exercises, and am now sore when I do anything that resembles either. But yeah... that high. The things you forget, even with the words, are the feelings. The DOMS I got intellectually, but that combination of endorphins and DOMS... that "it hurts but it's good"... that I never captured in words.