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Long time no see. I'm back.

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  • Long time no see. I'm back.

    Hi all,

    I'm Max. I was a active member here so long ago I bet no one remembers me. I was doing so well, and I really haven't done that well in the intervening decade. As I try to reconstruct my success of 2006-2007, I'm trying to do as many of the things I did then, only smarter, and built for the long haul. I'm a guy, just shy of 45, now in Chicago (was in Washington DC when I was a frequent poster). My thyroid may finally be in order with medication (got a test with the number in the good range two weeks ago, need another in a few weeks and we're good to start to wonder about cholesterol).

    I started this new process on January 3rd. I'm doing things a little differently this time. I'm not setting a weight goal. I'm setting a compliance goal. I'm also setting a really hard activity goal. Here in Chicago, some charities do tower climbs for charity. In November, a local rehab center does a climb of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. 103 flights of stairs to the observation deck. It is February, I work in a 43 story office building with stairs that go from the parking level to the roof. So, that's the goal. 103 flights of stairs by November.

    I am data obsessed. On my first journey, I weighed in daily, kept a strict spreadsheet, calculated bodyfat 3 ways and on an ongoing basis. This time, I am trying to weigh once a month or less. It's hard to not focus on the weight (it was 267 on January 3, It was 256 on February 1st... if I am true to my goals and my process, I will not weigh again until March 1st). It's really about the health. My blood pressure was down from a diastolic of 90 to 72. My HbA1C is in a good space. Doctor M is down with carb restriction, though seems to favor a more vegetable forward, lower fat idea. But it's really great to have a doctor who is good with low carb.

    Since last I was here, I moved to Chicago, continue to work for the US government, have learned a lot of cooking technique, and yoyoed plenty. I'm tired of that. It's good to be back.

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    Is this still a going forum? I see that Gaelen has left, which is sad. I hope she's good.


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      Hi, Max! Very little activity going on lately, but Shadow and I still monitor the forum. It's great to hear from an old friend!

      I'm glad you're getting a new handle on the yo-yo dieting. Stair climbing is a great exercise, but build up to 43 stories with care!

      I agree with you that low carb is the best way to go. Post your progress here as often as you wish. We'll be here!


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        Good to see you, gitfiddle. Looooong time no see.

        I'm up to getting from 2-10 (which due to height of the floors is 10 as my phone counts, and 8 as math goes). Leaves me winded for a minute, but it's kind of low speed HIIT, as I see it. I do a couple of those a day every other day. On doctor's advice, I don't go down the stairs very often. Doc feels it's not so good on the knees. I do down, from 10 to ground (which is really about 13, as ground is over two stories tall), figuring that the knees could use the use, just to get it right.

        Sorry to see the posting volume down. Will be good to check in with you and Shadow from time to time. I'm still in touch with Ammy on FB and MyFitnessPal. And Lynne (whose handle here I don't recall) on FB. A good peer group, even on line is real helpful.


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          Yes, it's always nice to have company to chat with. And I agree with NOT pounding the knees. I beat mine up running and they remind me every step. I get my serious mileage on a bike.

          Take care!


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            I found my journal. I'm going to run through my archive of posts, because man I had the mojo going. 6000+ posts, hopefully not all of them are worth cannibalizing.


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              Hey Max - welcome back ! Great to "see" you again. Awesome goals and strategy you have going there. Looking forward to updates on your progress


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                Thanks, Shadow. Good to see you, as well.

                I'm going back through my archive and reading all my old posts... I love 33 year old me. I miss him. He was awesome.


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                  Well, I'm sure you're still awesome to this day, Max ! That 33 yo is still a part of you - just with added experience .


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                    Thanks. Iíve changed a lot since then and some of what I wrote then seems very foreign to me. Stirs memories of a better time. Temper is shorter now. Patience thinner. Attention shorter. Iím trollable now. Quit a forum because of a couple folks trolling me a couple times.

                    Looking at at what I was doing then, already have five things to do. Gotta get back on ADD meds. Get back with GTD. Do the natural planning model. Reread the Goal.

                    Life aint easy. It seemed easier back then, even though I was ruled by anxiety about my marriage. Weíre 13 years down the line now, so thatís not running my anxiety anymore. Now itís about work. Government. Lots of anxiety about the world.

                    I tried a restart last year. Didnít go well. Lack of goals, follow through, just couldnít get things started. Community was clearly missing. As I look at where I was back in 07, I think I can reorganize myself.

                    As i revisit my 33yo self, Iím feeling some of that thinking return. Itís good.

                    Any rate, thanks for listening. Iím gonna be hanging around for a few weeks based on my old posting volume and length. Somethings have clearly not changed.


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                      Yes, Max, the years change a lot of things. But look at the great to-do list you've come up with! That will help a lot. The job will still be full of pressure but having a grip on your eating and health will make it more tolerable - or so I hope . So glad it sounds like the marriage is doing okay, too!

                      I am always here to listen - and so happy to finally have someone to listen to ! It gets pretty boring talking to (and listening to) myself . And no worries about trolls here - Carol and I haven't just aren't very troll-like !


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                        Yeah. I just quit my BBQ forum. I was unhappy about a group of folks who use ďstick burnersĒ who were complaining about the combination of Sous Vide (thanks again Eades) with barbecue. So, I said forget this. I donít need to engage with these folks and if the moderators arenít gonna smack it down, Iím gonna take my Sous Vide expertise and boogie.

                        I spent several years as a moderator on a Wikia about a game. I donít envy moderators of active communities, especially as the man to woman ratio gets more out of balance. BBQ forum was probably 19:1. Wee bit too much testosterone. Also a lot too many folks with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, outsized middles. And I fit in a bit too well in that regard. Thatís gonna be a challenge this summer, making good things on the outside grill with no sugar. Current rub for everything starts with a combined cup and a half of sugar and brown sugar. There is no amount that is compatible with Atkins/PP/Keto. So thatís gonna be reinvented or discarded.

                        The place ace where I talk politics just got a huge influx of folks from the publication that spawned it after the publication killed commentary on their articles. So many trolls, maybe some are robots, maybe some are foreign agents. It makes me sad that discussion can be corrupted so easily. I went to college at the dawn of the web. And Usenet. Had such optimism about the utopian wonders that would come from this technology. I donít think itís a complete dystopia, because here we are, talking about it. But itís short of the promises.

                        Tommorow, I turn 45. Have non-lc dinner planned. Will recover as fast as possible. Will not be derailed.


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                          Have a happy birthday, Max! Sounds like you're about ready to simplify your routine, eh?


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                            Reformat is how Iím thinking about it. Iíve been in a rut of leisure activities I donít find that enjoyable. So thatís some of what Iím up to. Finding pleasure again. Marie Kondo by Sarah Knight. Life changing magic, indeed.


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                              Happy belated birthday, Max ! Life should be enjoyed, IMHO! Well, I guess these days the caveat is needed that it is to be enjoyed as long as that does not rob someone else of their enjoyment .... Seems like nothing is "simple" anymore.