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Challenge: 2017 Suit up and show up?

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    Claudette, it's nice to hear your voice! I know that you're making progress even if you don't post often. Congratulations on your next addition coming soon. We wait impatiently for them to show up and before we know it, they're off to school!

    I remember VBS days when my son was that age. I was always "Miss Music".


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      Just a quick check in to say hi and everything else is the same. I've been trying to cut back on everything (protein, fat, carbs) to see if it helps me lose weight. I've been searching for Atkins frozen dinners but boy are they hard to find these days! I found three flavors. I wish I could find the breakfast burritos. Those sound tasty! I did find two Healthy Choice Café Steamers that were low carb as well - nice!
      Have any of you tried the Atkins trail bars? Thought I'd buy some (non-chocolate flavor). I don't like their bars that taste so fake-sugary. I'm hoping they're more natural flavored. Anyone tried them?


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        No, Ammy, I haven't had one in years! I tend to keep a handful of roasted almonds in a snack bag for emergencies. They're boring enough that they don't "call" me and they keep in my purse forever.


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          Well I didn't buy the bars. I just don't believe they've changed that much. Or that's what I'm choosing to believe.
          but I did find some frozen dinners. I eat them when I'm on the run. Normally I'd grab fast food, but I like the portion control of the frozen dinners.
          And they're easy to throw into my lunch bag.

          But I'm still eating plenty of the good stuff. Bacon/eggs for breakfast, steak for suppers, chicken on salad for lunches. Just using the frozen dinners when I'm running low on time.

          I keep almonds at my desk. I don't eat them very often as they do not call to me either, but they're fantastic to have around when I'm hungry with only bad options. Lately my office seems to be full of fresh breads and donuts. Those are TERRIBLE options for my waistline!


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            The most important thing is to have a reliable non-compulsive backup plan, and you do, Amy.


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              Good morning Carol (and anyone else that pops in here occasionally). I was thinking about the low carb eating I have been doing so consistently for so many years but how I just can't seem to lose the thicker midsection that I gained when hotflashes hit, and I thought - WAIT, the Eades wrote a book about this!!
              I was reading through it today online - has anyone gotten the book and followed the plan for the six weeks, and if so seen any kind of results? I'm willing to do ANYTHING at this point to get my old midsection back. I can't believe how thick it's gotten and NOTHING I am doing seems to be affecting it at all!
              In the last 9 months I've tried cutting out carbs almost completely, eating no processed carbs just fruit/veggies, lowing my protein/fat and therefore reducing calories, exercising more (although I just don't have the energy I used to), exercising differently (less time but more often, more strength, more cardio), and eating more protein/fat.
              So now I'm curious about the Six Week Cure book....Thoughts?


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                Amy, I've read the book, years ago, and it has some practical advice. I don't do well with shakes myself, or overdo alcohol, but the main message seems to be how to promote a healthy liver. The chapter of weeks one and two provide some good advice. It's not just about food, however half of the book is recipes.


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                  I was reading some reviews and they reported that some are weeks of shakes and some are weeks of eating. I remember trying the shakes at one point and I just missed food. So I was trying to decide if the book was worth it to follow the food weeks, or if it was going to be the same info as the original PP plan of eating and I should just get out my original book and follow that. But maybe cut out caffeine (I wouldn't miss caffeine) and any fake processed carbs like Flat Outs. I am worried about cutting out wine and Diet Gin/Tonics. It's usually 1-2 glasses 2-3 nights per week, and maybe one night where there are 3-4 glasses. It's low carb wine and no carb drinks. I know I'd miss that, especially on these hot days.
                  I feel like I have the book - I should dig through my book stash again.
                  Thanks for your insight Carol!


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                    Hello, all,

                    Taking time to eat lunch today (a rare event) (at my desk), so I decided to post.

                    At my June 26th endocrinologist appointment, he was delighted with my 10 lb loss since last Dec 2016.

                    Need to phone his office to see what my numbers are. Have to go online or something to be able to "see" the results.

                    Down 3 more lbs since then.

                    It is August, and thankfully, the heat wave is beginning to wain with temps in the early 90's late 80's.

                    Ammy, hope you continue to do well.
                    Carol, thanks for your work as moderator.

                    Well, got to go. Will pop over on the exercise area to put in my exercise.

                    Here is to a lighter end of summer and fall......


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                      Claudette, it's great to have you drop in! I'm glad you are impressing your doctors with your progress. You're doing very well!

                      We've broken through our heat wave up here, too, and I have more energy now.


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                        Hello, y'all,

                        So quiet around here.

                        I am still doing well inch wise, but the scale is the same. Still, when I look in the mirror, I am amazed at how much smaller I look.

                        I just bought a size 14 pants, and I can wear a few of the older size 12's that I have at home. I also can wear Large tops, instead of XL.

                        I just loose weight very slowly, so I try not to worry but to just hang in there and continue on.

                        Going to "pop" over and write about my exercise .

                        Here is to a "lighter" fall (hopefully, around the corner).



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                          Hi, Claudette! It's already "Fall-like" up here in Michigan.

                          I have always been told that a slow, steady loss is more likely going to stay off longer, so don't be concerned. Just keep doing as you have been. Your body is catching up, it seems.


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                            Hello, Shadow & Gitfiddle,

                            Been very busy with work and Granddaughter in Brownie's & dancing (Ballet,tap, zazz).

                            Dr's appointment on the 15th of Jan: Loss 14lbs last year. Lab work is looking great. Dr. is delighted. He is especially excited that I am doing it the old fashioned way with diet & exercise.
                            There are so many injections, etc to 'decrease' appetite to help loose weight. When you look at the side effects, it isn't worth it.

                            Here is to more 'gone' this year.


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                              Wow! :^) Isn't it great to make the doctor smile? We're all so proud of you! Well done, Claudette. Keep it up!