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Anyone ever used this green tea?

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  • Anyone ever used this green tea?

    This is sold by Protein Power.

    Anyone ever used this or do you have any comments? Do you put a few drops in water and it makes a tasty drink or can you even taste it? Do you need sweetener? I wonder which flavor. Man, today's world offers so many dang options. I shopped for some remodeling-the-house stuff yesterday. I'm tired of decisions.

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    Re: Anyone ever used this green tea?

    sorry..I don't know about it...but I definitely think Green Tea is FULL of benefits!!
    I drink it...a lot!!!
    Yesterday I made a pitcher of 64oz of steeped green tea...drank the entire thing.
    Today I did the same thing...and I'm almost through with it...

    I'm not a big fan of water...but LOVE green tea. I do admit, it can be an acquired taste, when I make it wrong it tastes like old smelling feet , but when made right...MMMmmmmmm!!

    The idea of putting in a few drops of extract instead of steeping sounds...odd...but I'm pretty old fashion!


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      Re: Anyone ever used this green tea?

      Ammy, I was just searching the forums for Green Tea, but could not find anything, so came here, and voila! I heard that teas should be counted as at least 1 carb? If so, that really scares me, because I drink a lot of green tea.

      I've read that green tea can help with metabolism, and it can help regulate insulin sensitivity. Seems like it would be a great fit for PP.

      So, anyway, considering how much you seem to drink, I'm guessing I shouldn't worry about counting carbs with it? I drink it plain.



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        Re: Anyone ever used this green tea?

        Hi! I am sorry, but I am honestly not familiar with that product. However, I would assume that it will do wonders for anyone who tries it. After all, it's green tea.

        Green tea has several benefits. That is basically the reason why I try to drink as much as I can, in spite of the fact that I hate how it smells. I usually drink green tea for its fat burning capacity. It's so cool that I can loose weight whenever I want to with the help of this tea. Another thing, I heard it prevents cancer. Coming from a family with a history of cancer, that's more than enough to make me take green tea.

        I suggest you take a go at that product. Let us know how you like it!


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          Not yet. But green tea is really good for our health.