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  • Easy Enchiladas

    With all the ingredients, be sure to check products for effective carb count (carb-fiber/serving) to get a good read on your carb content for this recipe.

    1 can or package of enchilada sauce
    1 can Campbell's cream of chicken soup
    3 cooked chicken breasts or thighs, shredded
    One small onion diced
    I can Rotel tomatoes and green chillis
    1 cup shredded cheddar cheese or Mexican blend
    8 low carb tortillas (I can still find these at Walmart or Woodman's here in Wisconsin)

    Sour cream, black olives, lettuce, salsa, avocado

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    In a bowl create enchilada filling by combining chicken, cream of chicken soup from can, diced onion, Rotel tomatoes and green chilis (extra liquid drained).

    Spray or wipe cooking oil on sides and bottom of a large, rectangular casserole pan/dish. Pour small amount of enchilada sauce to cover bottom of pan/dish. Next lay tortilla out on flat surface and place a generous amount of filling in a straight row on one side. Place a small amount of cheese on top of the filling and roll tortilla. Gently place tortilla, seam side down in the pan. Repeat, laying the competed enchiladas side by side as you go. When you are done, spread enchilada sauce over the top of enchiladas. Next, liberally cover with shredded cheese, but not all the way to ends of the enchiladas (leave about uncovered. Place, uncovered in middle oven rack for 35 minutes at 350. Take out and serve, offering garnishes to add from the table.

    I use this recipe on days where I have kept my other meals/snacks to low or no carbs. It is a real treat! If you like Mexican dishes, I hope you'll try this and enjoy it.
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