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A Great Way to Grill a Steak (Smoked Steak)

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  • A Great Way to Grill a Steak (Smoked Steak)

    Smoked Steak Deliciousness

    This involves a bit more work than just throwing some meat on the grill, but I hope you’ll agree after trying it that the extra effort resulted in one of the most succulent, tasty steaks that you have ever created! Good luck!!

    Make a smoke bomb for the grill by soaking a handful of woodchips overnight in a bowl of water. Prior to lighting the grill make a “bomb” by taking a large rectangular sheet of aluminum foil and place soaked wood chips (drained) in the center of it. Seal foil tightly with the wood chips within. Poke a few holes in the packet with a fork for smoke to escape. (I use either hickory or mesquite chips when smoking steak. You can use whatever wood appeals to you. Experiment.)

    Set up your grill for indirect cooking.
    For a charcoal grill this means placing all the coals on one side. For a gas grill this means lighting the burner(s) only on one side. You should have a section of grill grate for the meat that is not above the fire/coals.

    After the grill is going, place the smoke packet above the flame (or onto the coals). Wait for the packet to begin smoking before placing the meat onto the grill grate. I try to have the grill at low heat (about 250). You will need to use a thermometer to check the temp inside the grill. I also place a pan of water beneath the grate on the side where the meat will be. This helps to introduce some moisture into the cooking environment.

    Purchase steak that is about 1” thick. I have had great results with good cuts of sirloin and t-bone. I think, however, this will work with any cut. Adjust times according to the thickness of steak and experiment.

    Season steak with salt and pepper, on both sides.

    When smoke is going, place steak on indirect side of grill for ½ hour, flipping at 15 minute mark.

    After ½ hour, move steak to fire side of grill for 10 minutes, to sear. During this 10 minutes turn steak ¼ turn to get nice steak house sear marks from the grate. Flip and do the same to the opposite side of the steak.

    Take steak off grill and place on plate. Put a small pat of butter on top and cover with foil for 10 minutes before serving.

    Again experiment with timing. This yields for me a medium/well done steak with a nice smoke flavor. Everyone has a different grill though, so your timing may be different according to your desired doneness. Try for yourself, before doing this for guests, so that you are comfortable with what your are doing and timing. Whatever you do, do not smoke longer than a half hour, as this may over smoke the meat and create a bitterness that is not desired.

    Have fun with this recipe from my Texas roots! Protein Power is fun for all!!
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