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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Protein Power Forums

    Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades have established this bulletin board as a way for you to gain information and support. They are the authors of books
    • Protein Power
    • The Protein Power Lifeplan
    • The Protein Power LifePlan Gram Counter
    • The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution
    • The Low Carb Comfort Food Cook Book
    • Staying Power: Maintaining Your Low-carb Weight Loss For Good
    • The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution.

    You might have read Dr. Mike or Dr Mary Dan’s blog and found your way to this site or you might have heard about it from friends, or seen a cooking show--however you found your way here, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades along with the moderators welcome you.

    Meet the Moderators/Administrators (get to know them better through their profiles):
    • Shadow , Gitfiddle and Billie (Moderators)
    • Gaelen, Mitra, Gabriel Guzman and dvdmon, (Administrators)
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    Re: Welcome!

    Hi, everyone...
    I live in central New York, work for a pharmaceutical company as a technical writer/trainer, train dogs for obedience competition and cook in my spare time, and have been following Protein Power through thick and thin (literally) since Feb. 2002. I orginally lost 60 lbs, and am now working on re-losing some of that weight (gained back during cancer treatment). I specialize in vegetarian and ethnic cooking, and love converting recipes to lower carb favorites. Welcome to the board!
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      Re: Welcome!

      Welcome to the board, everyone !

      After my mother passed away due to uncontrolled diabetes, I began to search for a better way to live and eat so I did not end up going down the same road. I started exercising and finally was able to get it to become a part of my everyday life. But I still had done nothing about my eating.

      After doing much reading and research, I finally came across Protein Power LifePlan. Once I read it, I realized I had found a plan that made sense and was something I could do and stick with! In August of 2002, I decided to begin following this WOE. I figured I couldn't get any worse results from it than I had with the Food Pyramid.

      Before I knew it, the weight was dropping, the hypoglycemic symptoms disappeared, I had more energy, less reflux - the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I have been following this plan and WOE ever since then with no regrets and no looking back!

      I am thrilled to say that after years of yo-yo dieting, I have been maintaining since 2004.
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        Re: Welcome!

        After 10+ years of on and off dieting (mostly weight watchers or various low-fat diets), I finally took up a fellow dieter’s dare to try Atkins in the Fall of 2000. This was somewhat of a difficult proposition due to my low-fat adherence and the fact that I’d been an almost-vegetarian (the only animal I ate was fish) for the previous 6 years. The Atkins book didn’t make all that much sense to me scientifically, but luckily someone mentioned Protein Power and reading that truly convinced me there was very good science behind eating this way, not just for losing weight, but health as well. I joined the Protein Power BBS that Fall and have been a contributor ever since!

        My body took a while to start moving, but eventually the weight started coming off and the little health nuisances that I’d experienced went away with them. My cholesterol also improved, but took a while as well. I documented a lot of my experiences on a site that I set up. After meeting my now wife, my exercise routine took a big hit and that allowed me to gain back a good amount of weight which I am now in the process of relosing, but my health has remained excellent other than having this excess fat I need to get off.

        I’ve followed the plan ever since, and have been very interested in the science of Protein Power as well as the practice. I tend to strive for a more “purist” approach by avoiding processed foods (low-carb or not), eating organic produce, free-range or minimally processed meats and eggs, raw dairy, etc.

        As far as a general bio, I’m a 30-something guy (note my username is dvdmoN, not dvdmoM), living in the Washington DC Metro area. For my day job I develop web pages and applications. Other than participating in Protein Power discussions, I maintain a blog about gadgets, technology, and occasionally diet and nutrition. I also have a DVD website, which is where my username comes from. I have a 6-month-old daughter (as of the writing of this) who keeps me busy most of the time, but occasionally I get time to do some gardening, or photography – me and my wife have a side business photographing pregnant women, babies, children, and families.
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          Re: Welcome!

          I started following Protein Power in 2003, having finally decided it was time to take action on those extra pounds that had gradually appeared throughout my thirties. I had about 30 lb to lose, and I didn't realise I had any particular health problems until they started to improve once I was eating properly.

          I'd been a vegetarian for 10 years or more, and my diet was based largely on bread and pasta. I now eat fish and meat, but still enjoy vegetarian food as part of the mix.

          I started to feel better very soon after starting to follow Protein Power: I didn't have the terrible energy lows that I used to have in the evenings, in fact I was less tired generally; I didn't feel sleepy or heavy after eating; even my eyesight improved! Over about 6 months I got down to within 5 lb of my goal weight, then the last 5 lb came off slowly over the next 6 months, and I've been at maintenance since spring of 2004, learning a lot about how to eat the right amount, and how to make this a lifelong change, not just a quick fix diet.

          I trained as a physicist, and worked for almost 20 years as a power station engineer. These days, when I'm not cooking (mainly English and Mediterranean dishes) or surfing the internet, I do yoga and play the lute, and try to find time to read.


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            Re: Welcome!

            Well, I'm Sherry! I've been PPing off and on for over five years now... I've overcome a LOT of health challenges (suicidal depression, exhaustion, etc.), and happy to still be here, LOL! I am a sugar addict, and when I stay away from the stuff, I do great... but, one bite (and sometimes one SMELL!) will send me over the edge! Yet, I persist, and I WILL WIN!

            I get to live my dream of being a wife and mom... I'm thrilled to be married to Mr. Wonderful for 19+ years now... we have two young sons: Mr. Biggest is 8 1/2, and a second grader; Mr. Youngest is about to turn six (!) in April, and is a kindergartner. They are ALL BOY boys, and I'm sure you'll get tired of hearing about them, LOL!



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              Re: Welcome!

              Hey! I'm Billie and glad to be here! Back in the late 1990s I was doing everything that was said to be the best, low fat, cardio exercise and yet my cholestrol levels were in places that were not healthy. I was introduced to Protein Power and haven't look back since. 10 dress sizes are gone but I am not yet finished, another 40 lbs or so, and consistent exercise should bring me close to where I want to be.

              I have learned so much about how the body functions and I really feel like with the knowledge I am armed with, can look toward the future with health living styles. Now that is exciting!

              Hope that your journey is marked with much success, you will find all the support, encouragement and scientific background a mouse click away.


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                Re: Welcome!

                Hello all and welcome to the Protein Power Bulletin Board. I knew about Protein Power in 1999 after looking at a serum sample I was donating that was supposed to be a 'negative' control for Malaria. Yes, that it was but it scared me to see how milky my sample was. I decided to take action and as many of you have done it, I started following the recommended guidelines to lower and control cholesterol that you can fine at the NIH website (National Cholesterol Education Program). Sixty something pounds later and with cholesterol levels even worse, I thought it was time to re-think of what I was doing and try to approach the problem in a more scientific way because it seemed like the theory upon which the current guidelines are based was wrong to begin with. Reviewing the research done in this subject and checking both peer-review journals as well as books I came across Protein Power (Ed. 1996). As a biochemit that thought he knew quite a bit about nutrition, the information was so counterintuitive that I decided to adopt the plan just to prove the Eades wrong and to fin the flaw in their reasoning... To this date, I still haven't found such flaw...

                More than 6 years after, I've researched this plan inside out and committed myself to help others understand the science behind it so they too learn that better health is at their grasp, is an attainable goal and it can be maintained for life. New learning is part of my motto, and the healthiest life one of my cherished goals.


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                  Re: Welcome!

                  Hello, everyone! I'm Carol, and I've been following Protein Power since late 2003. My diagnosis of diabetes caused my primary care physician to suggest statin medicine. I was already overweight and hypertensive and I could see myself turning down the same path as my older relatives, who couldn't walk and suffered heart attacks and strokes. I confessed my panic to another doctor friend who asked me if I had ever heard of Protein Power. That was the beginning of my recovery!

                  I never started the statin, was off my diabetes meds completely in a few months and have not looked back. My weight comes down slowly and steadily and each year is better than the one before. I control my diabetes with diet and exercise and eat very well at the same time.

                  I'm a wife, mother and grandmother in the beautiful state of Michigan, USA. I do accounting in a school system and am a photography hobbyist and a musician.