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    For the ticker:
    Click on anyone's ticker. That will take you to the Tickerfactory.
    On that site, put together your own ticker.
    When you finish picking your bar, your marker, your weight data and such, you will be presented with a ticker, and a set of codes.
    Make sure your ticker is set for light. I think it's light be default (the dark one looks bad here). I think it's also set for big by default (see Ammy's above) but you can hit a button for small (see mine below). Pick how you want it.
    Scroll down to the BBCode box.
    Copy EVERYTHING in that box.
    Come back here.
    Go to User CP (upper left corner of the page)
    Click the Edit Signature link.
    In the signature box that comes up, paste the thing you pasted from the ticker factory.
    Should look like a ticker.
    It will be on all of your posts, retroactive and going forward.

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    Re: How to Make a Ticker (

    um, i must be totally blind, but i do not see a link for edit signature on my user cp page. please help!


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      Re: How to Make a Ticker (

      hi - i tried posting a reply to this a while ago but it hasn't shown up... i do not see a link to "edit signature" anywhere on my control panel. is this something that you have to wait for? an amount of time, or a number of posts have to happen before that options appears?



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        Re: How to Make a Ticker (

        Until your membership of the board has been approved by an admin (which is one of the things we do to try to keep spammers out) your posts need manual approval. I've just confirmed your board membership, so any future posts should appear straight away.

        You should find the link to edit your signature under "settings and options" in the panel on the left hand side of the control panel page (User CP link at the top of the page).

        Welcome .